Some of the major projects in which we participated:

- disassembling of old and new generator no. 1 in HE Zlatolicje in 2011/2012,

- assembling of the aggregate no. 1 in HE Mofotsen, Sweden in 2012/13,

- assembling and disassembling of aggregate 2 in HE Zlatolicje as part of the remediation of 2013,

- disassembling an old aggregate and installation of a new aggregate no. 3 in HE Mofotsen, Sweden,

- HPP Sweden in 2014: HALLFORSEN – E 1 and BORGFORSEN – E1,,

- Participation in the assembly in Slovenia (Zlatolicje, HE Mariborski otok, HE Ozbalt, HE Bostanj, HE Vuzenica, HE Blanca …) and in Malaysia, Egypt, Germany, France …